Student (& Parent) Testimonials

The first 3 testimonials are from parents of students, then the rest are from satisfied students. Also please know EcoFS is always happy to connect interested applicants with former students to discuss the course. Just let us know.

"Michael returned from his EcoFS adventure sooo HAPPY, sooo REWARDED, soo FULFILLED; he kept saying the trip was all that he hoped it would be and more. Well done to you and your team and keeping them so safe. He does not always do his best in a traditional classroom setting so I am glad he was able to shine on the course!"

Marcela Muschett, Mother of Michael--Caribbean EcoFS student 2015

"Alex thrived on the course in Colorado.She grew academically & personally in ways I never imagined. She returned a fuller person - great new friendships; great new horizons on which to grow - and she surely has! EcoFS truly is an inspiring program that I would highly encourage any parent to have their son or daughter attend."

Greg Dombrow, father of Alex --Colorado EcoFS student 2013

"EcoFS is a wonderful program. I believe it was truly a life changing experience for James. He returned home tired, dirty, and genuinely inspired to follow his dream of being a Marine Biologist. What more could the mom of a 21 year old ask for! Thanks for making a positive difference with the youth in this world"

Joy French, Mother of James -- Caribbean EcoFS student 2014

"I will always remember the research we did snorkeling with the sea turtles. I had never been so close to such amazing wild animals."

--Caribbean EcoFS Student 2014

"By far the most valuable aspect of the course was all the hands - on methods we got to try. Hands-on learning rocks!"

--Colorado EcoFS student 2015

"It was so valuable to see my textbook learning come alive. This course should be required for any student majoring in environmental science or studies."

--Colorado EcoFS student 2019

"This course exceeded my expectations! I was able to apply my learning in an amazing setting while doing so many interesting educational activities."

--Caribbean EcoFS student 2017

"The group was awesome. Everyone who came was so motivated and excited to be here that it created a very positive learning environment."

--Colorado EcoFS student 2011

"SCUBA diving has opened up a whole new world to me. I never dreamed the diversity and beauty of the life we saw every time we dove." 

--Caribbean EcoFS student 2014

"My favorite aspect of this course was we actually got to experience what we have learned about for years. To just read about Colorado’s ecosystems will never do them justice; they must be seen with your own eyes and touched with your own hands."

--Colorado EcoFS student 2013


"This course exposed me to so many new ideas and concepts. I definitely have a clearer picture of which field I want to pursue after I graduate. I now know it will involve ocean science!"

--Caribbean EcoFS student 2018

"The research project and presentation truly pushed me to new levels of learning. I now know I want to pursue ecosystem field studies for my career path. The only problem is I was exposed to some many exciting possibilities that I am not sure where to start."

--Colorado EcoFS Student 2016

"This course taught me that no matter what professional field I pursue, working to protect the oceans, and coral reefs in particular, will be a major part of my life." 

--Caribbean EcoFS student 2013 

"I really enjoyed morning discussions and then hiking where we were actually seeing, touching, and learning about the concepts we just talked about."

--Colorado EcoFS student 2012

"Informative, mind opening, intriguing, fun, wonderful. Full of great info & hands-on activities that really cemented my classroom learning. I would not change a thing. I have taken five other 3-week field courses and EcoFS is the best!"

--Colorado EcoFS student 2019

"I thought I knew about ecology before this course, but when I experienced the coral reef through the amazing snorkeling and SCUBA diving we did, it completely altered my perspective & taught me just how much there's still to learn."

--Caribbean EcoFS student 2015

"I never imagined learning could be so enjoyable and rewarding. My years of college education were brought to life and now make sense. This course has inspired me to truly follow my passions as I move forward in life"

--Colorado EcoFS student 2019

"I have learned much, much more in this course than I have in school. The learning environment is so unique that you can't help but take something from it. I am confident that I can develop my own studies now! I give this educational experience a 10/10"

--Caribbean EcoFS student 2014