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Applications are now being accepted for the 2015 Colorado summer courses!

Application Processapp 2
Prospective students must submit the online application below on this page. There is no separate registration for UM.  A refundable $95 application fee is required at the time of submission of application & is paid at the Payment Center. This fee is applied to course fees if accepted or refunded if not accepted.  If students decline an acceptance a 50% refund of the application fee will be issued. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as strong applicants are accepted on a rolling basis.  Typically about 75% of applicants are accepted. Upon acceptance students will receive online access to further course info, equipment list, registration info etc. 

Important Logistics
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This is a highly active, all-outdoor course & participants must be in strong physical
condition & sound health. 
Students must be ready to study & live in a variety of 
potentially adverse & uncomfortable, (but mostly beautiful) mountain weather
conditions. Cooking & eating occurs in a field kitchen setting which includes a
small hut for food storage & a tarped area for dining. This is a base-camp course
(no backpacking) & students are required to share in camp responsibilities, typically 1 responsibility per day, primarily 
cooking or cleaning of a meal.

If you would like to be considered for the Caribbean course as well as the
Colorado course, complete 1 application/payment and send an email to
391616 stating this intent and your course preference.

Review questions ahead of time.  You are not able to save information on this
form for later editing so you are encouraged to work/save in a separate 
document & cut/paste answers to the longer questions.  The text boxes do not have a limit for amount of information you enter. You should receive an
email from Steve Johnson, Course Director within 1-2 days.  Do not submit the
application if you are not immediately paying the application fee. Students must confirm with their university and or department that credits will transfer.
All information is kept strictly confidential. Thanks for your honest answers & good luck

Application Form

Colorado Ecosystem Field Studies

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What experience do you have in working in small group settings?

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Do not submit this form if you are not immediately paying the
$95 online application fee at the Payment Center.  

Thanks for your interest in this course! 

Are you are interested in an Extended Credit option of Independent Research or Conservation Internship?  If yes indicate which one below.  For more details go here

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